Week 2 Day 1 Exercise Diary

I’ve been so slack lately when it comes to working out – I don’t know why, I thoroughly enjoy it. 

I guess I did run Monday morning but that didn’t really count. 

Anyway on to today. 

I did one workout from the fabulous youtuber ‘jessicasmithtv‘. 

This workout really focuses on your whole body, especially the parts I’d want to show off in a bikini. It’s 20 minutes long but it really gets your blood pumping and I swear my legs feel it already. Hopefully I can end up doing these workouts everyday soon (I’d want to rest on Sat and Sun though). I swear if you’re looking for a seemingly easy workout but really takes work…if that makes sense..do this one. Jessica makes it so easy to go through as she isn’t yelling motivation at you (which really makes me want to sit down and eat chocolate in defiance). 

Okay enough of my rambling! Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqkhHVTI53M&list=PLFA4C7B7F763AD20F

Oh and just FYI I used 1kg dumbbells, but I definitely wanna go get a 3kg set as the workouts in this video are brilliant for arms. 

Til next time,

Sama x

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