Scott Wings – possibly one of the best poets in the world

Last night my friend dragged me to a fringe show last night; my first one, I know, I live under a rock or something. 

I think the show was called Scott Wings Maximal…yeesh I wish I stole my friend’s brochure. 

The venue was a small space but it really worked with Wings because he wasn’t intimidating but he never lost anyone’s attention and being in such a small space you could tell everyone was just so lost in his comedy and poetry.

His poetry inspires me and also makes me jealous (I do write poetry but nothing like Wings). In particular my favourite poems were the love poem and the poem that shows how children teach teachers. AH I’m giving too much away already. 

Just please if you have $15 to spare, go see him. He’s on at Adelaide Fringe. 

Here’s his Facebook page:

I wish he published a book just so I could read and reread all of the wonderful imagery he paints. 

Til next time,

Sama x

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