I had intended to post this mini look book today talking about the night and talking about what brands these clothes come from but then I got on facebook and saw the trending item about the 6th mass extinction. A topic I am no stranger to, I bought a book about it a few months back (haven’t finished it) but after reading this article as well as this one I realised how dire this situation really is.

Of course with most things the statistics  have to be taken with a pinch of salt but it makes me feel anything else in life right now doesn’t matter, not even my love for fashion and photography. In fact I feel quite shallow.

However as you can see I have posted the look because well I can’t think of what else to do to help get me out of this depressing rut consumed with the thought that the world is about to end.

Distraction is good of course for tonight but really I and you and every other person in this world really needs to weigh up what matters.

Do I just continue on doing this? I guess so? All I can do is write about what’s going on, I am not a scientist but I do love Earth including what it offers right now like my opportunity to blog about what matters to me.

So from my love of the environment to my love of fashion;

I wore this grey dress because it perfectly hugs my curves (including my food baby caused by my raunchy affair with a cheese pizza), the grey sweater adds warmth and perfectly compliments the high neckline and sits on my waist to keep everything balanced. The leather jacket is an oldie but a goodie and the boots whilst nothing special kept me warm.

I hope this wasn’t too depressing but honestly it’s important to understand what this Earth faces and what we can do about it. Stay happy and stay informed.

Love Sama


My thoughts and prayers are going out to the Charleston community.

There is a special place in hell for Dylan Roof. Hatred breeds evil and it’s unfathomable to think he would kill those members of the historical church.

9 people murdered and 9 families lives turned upside down.

In an act of pure evil he has set back civil rights and it’s unacceptable.

The family members of the victims have given him forgiveness, even though he’ll never deserve it.

Guns should be banned in America, how many lives need to be taken before that happens? It’s disgusting and even if it is a right I think it needs to be reconsidered more as a “right to defense against enemies in war” so in war the country’s soldiers defend themselves. Right to arms shouldn’t mean a civilian can buy a gun and go murder people.

Disgusted and I’m in Australia, I can’t imagine how the American people are feeling.

Stay strong and stay united.

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So who knew that riding a bicycle could be such fun? Hm? You did?

I learned to ride a bicycle at the ripe ol age of…I can’t remember…I think it was between 11-13 – whilst in a caravan park on my younger (by three years) cousin’s very groovy bike. It’s sad I know but this is when I can justifibly use #tckproblems. Having a bicycle wasn’t  practical for my family; we were constantly moving to different countries so learning how to ride a bike took a back seat.

A couple days ago my partner and I decided we would go on a bike ride, keep in mind that I hadn’t ridden a bike for at least six years. Six-ish years ago I was on holiday with two of my closest friends on Pangkor island and we decided to hire some bikes and go explore the island a little and me being the show off that I was tried to write my name in the sand with the front wheel. It went about as poorly as you could imagine and I have a lovely little scar on my knee to remind me.

So as you could imagine I felt a little nervous going on this bike ride but after about an hour (we went out riding for 3 hours) I felt like I had been riding for years. My butt wasn’t happy with me but I sure was; I can see why people love riding, you feel like you’re flying and you get to take so much in so quickly.

The photos in the slideshow are some of the pics we took throughout the bike ride.

I hope you enjoy them :).

Sama x

Photography | Adelaide Sky


These are some shots I took in my neighborhood yesterday; I thought they were so beautiful. I just had to share them.

There were so many colours and textures it really inspired me. I hope it inspires you too.










Rebel Wilson is 35 but why do we care?

I’m currently sitting in a lecture room made for a couple hundred people and I think I’m being generous when I say there’s about 20 people here.

So in daunting silence, considering what to do with the rest of my day I was reminded of the news this morning confirming the age of Rebel Wilson, hit star of any movie with an endearing, socially awkward fat woman that isn’t Melissa McCarthy.

Wilson has been confirmed 35, which is six years older than what she told us. Right…and?

Why is this particularly newsworthy? Is it because she lied? Okay well next time a star lies about their age let’s make sure we have enough time to report it. JUST KIDDING THAT WOULD TAKE WAY TOO LONG.

Women and hollywood stars having been lying about their age as long as the term ‘age’ was created.

Oddly enough, Agness Deyn, worldwide model, claimed she was six years younger than she really is. It would seem that six is the lucky number. I guess it depends on what you think you could get away with.

Jennifer Lopez miss ‘Jenny from the block’ claimed she was ten years younger than what she is. I would believe if she was still in her twenties. She looks great.

So now I need to start thinking about my new age. Maybe when I hit 30 I’ll say I’m 25, here’s hoping the wrinkles don’t speak the truth.

Remember everyone; age is just a number.

For the first time I agree with Tony Abbott | Jihadists denied Amnesty to return home

I sincerely hope it won’t be the last. Who knows? He might bump his head and miraculously find common sense.

It isn’t news that many young men and women around the world have joined forces with extremist groups like ISIS and  Jabhat al-Nusra (see stories relating to Sydney Siege) but it may be shocking to hear that they no longer want to be apart of the terror groups and are seeking Amnesty to return home.

The most recent case is three men who have been living in Syria for two years and have reached the Australian government to get help to leave the country. One even stating he wants to help diminish the efforts of joining the group he so wants to escape.

The situation is difficult because if the Australian Government were to be fair then an investigation would go ahead to see if reformation and integration into society was possible. However in this situation, it’s always going to be the classic
“we don’t negotiate with terrorists” because at the end of the day that is what these men are.

Abbott said it perfectly “If you go abroad to break Australian law, if you go abroad to kill innocent people in the name of misguided fundamentalism and extremism… we are hardly going to welcome you back into this country”

Overall I am begrudgingly admitting that Abbott made a good point .

My issue with the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and it’s apparent that the family has a very influential effect on young girls. Girls try to get big butts like them, perfect the Kim Kontour  and now girls are using any kind of tool to plump their lips to resemble Kylie’s.

Now in Kylie’s defence, she is a young girl who is very sweet to her fans and always tells them to embrace their own beauty but they aren’t listening.

Girls are using shot glasses to plump their lips – yes shot glasses, they could break and glass could seriously damage them and sometimes the girls look so bruised that I suspect that is what happened.

Trends change, right now big butts and big lips are the trend. In the past women with big butts and big lips were made fun of and often they tried to hide it. And now people have surgery and  lip plumping tools and would do anything to fit in with the trend.

This is my biggest issue – people idolise trends.

To wear fashionable trends or do your makeup a certain way is fine – it doesn’t last forever nor does it hurt you. To alter your body through surgery or painful method really doesn’t click in my brain.

People should – WARNING CLICHE INCOMING – love themselves for who they are. Celebrate your beauty, your uniqueness and ultimately don’t compare yourself to anyone else because when you do you just make yourself feel bad and that shows, people are intuitive, they know when you’re insecure.

I just love to see people idolise themselves for a change, idolise trends in science, in art – anything inspiring.

Go out there and be your best you, because at the end of the day you can never stop being you.


I was fortunate enough to spend my early years of life in Fiji, a place known for the friendly people,

the frequent coups, the delicious fruit and amazing beaches. I’m not sure if my love for the ocean is

genetic or if it’s environmental. My mother, eldest sister and I all call ourselves fish. We could swim

all day every day. My father and my other sister however could never see the beach and be content.

I wonder if I had bad experiences with the ocean would I hate it too?

As a child the beach was in every country I lived in; the clear waters and white sands in Fiji, the bleak

skies and far out tides in England, the dirty water and action packed beaches in Malaysia and finally

the unforgiving sunshine and sometimes freezing water in Australia. All these oceans so diverse and

all so beautiful in their own ways; my first experience with the beach was beautiful in the paradise

kind of way, my second was stereotypically British but the washed out colour pallets were as

intriguing as paradise, the sea lice that would bite me in Penang and the jellyfish that would sting,

reminded me that I was sharing the waters with such diverse creatures and finally Adelaide; I still

haven’t made my mind up yet.

On a superficial level the beaches in Adelaide are hot and full of

young people, they aren’t dirty and they aren’t exceptionally beautiful. I haven’t spent much time at

the beach in Adelaide, which is weird because I am a self-proclaimed fish; you think I’d be

dehydrated by now. However I noticed yesterday on a walk with a dear friend a beautiful rock pool

and suddenly my love for the ocean was reignited. It was a beautiful pale green blue water with grey

black rocks and so still but (I imagined) so full of life. I’ve never sat down and thought of how I feel

towards oceans but there is no other form of the environment that makes me feel as alive.

I like forests, deserts, swamps, geysers and mountains of course but I never feel quite at home when

I’m surrounded by them as I do when floating in a body of water.

Oceans are dangerous and unforgiving but constantly beautiful. In the morning the ocean sparkles as

the sun rays reflect and dance on the still water and it makes me feel awake. When the waves are at

their medium height and velocity they are so inviting to swim and play in and when they are looming

over the horizon and crash down with such force they are invigorating. I’ve never been afraid of

waves because there is such beauty in their strength, the force it holds shows how strong something

so beautiful can be, that if you respect the ocean i.e. don’t mess around in it when there’s a rip then it

won’t take you under. I like to treat people that way too; I believe everyone is inherently good and I

should respect those who deserve it. Getting off topic…Oceans at night should be their most scariest

but I see them as their most beautiful, they are almost black and so calm and when I look into them I

see infinite space and I wish I could step into it and out into another dimension.

That is why we should save our oceans. Do anything you can because this world isn’t full of infinite resources.

Til next time,


Samantha Rose-acea Smith

Whilst my middle name is infact Rose I find it annoyingly humourous that my middle name is not only synonymous for flushed cheeks but I can actually make a pun with it.

It’s common for people to develop rosacea in their thirties (and since I’m 21 I’m obviously ahead of my time). Rosacea occurs through frequent flushing (anything can make me blush) and that causes the capillaries in your face to enlarge. Anything that makes my face warm can cause me to break out. Therefore sunshine, exercise, hot food, tea and coffee can make me breakout. Thus no fun allowed.

So on friday my mum waited around for an hour for me and I apologised and thanked her profusely, and I kid you not she said “Sam, don’t worry, it’s our genetic gift that gave you rosacea, gigantic tits and depression”. Instantly I felt better because rosacea and depression are like any health condition; they’re treatable. With a little bit of work and medication it’ll all be bearable and possibly cured.

For a little pick me up I went out with my parents to our go to cafe; By Blackbird and the deliciously Italian grocery shop next door.


As you can see I picked up a few things.

From By Blackbird I picked up a mug with a print of my favourite art work; The Kiss (lovers) and the kind owner chucked in a free treat with it :).

From the Italian shop next door these groovy leaf tipped teabags caught my eyes and they are an organic brand with a whole range of flavours. The flavour my mum pointed out to me was cherry and marzipan (devine!) and it must be my luck but it’s also made for corrective properties with skin. It’s delicious and good for you!

So that’s my little update. Now that I know what the hell is going on with my face (for the longest time I had no clue and it was killing me) hopefully I can work on taking care of it and also finding new cool brands that make makeup to help cover and heal rosacea. Of course if you have rosacea you don’t have to cover it up, it’s all personal preference. I do however highly recommend going to a dermatologist, it may be expensive but it is honestly worth it.

Til Next Time,

The rosacea faced, gigantic titted, depressed (but not currently due to taking care of myself :)) Sama