Winter | Look Book | ’14

Hello my lovely readers.

Great to see you here again. I know my posts have been few and far between. Only excuse is I was off house sitting and gained 4 kg – whoops. I’ll be getting back to my work out journals ASAP.

I have something a little more exciting today; a look book. Okay. Okay. It’s really just exciting for me because I got to play dress up.

This time we have a little twist; I’m going to review the clothes.

Go to this video to find out more about the outfits and where I got them:


My favourite outer wear.

The diva pink coat and the grey fluffy jumper

The pink coat is as luxurious as it looks. I wore this out in the rain whilst grabbing a hamburger from the chicken shop and my back was drenched but I felt nothing. It looks best styled with grungier materials like leather (faux) and anything black. The same goes with the grey jumper from target however it goes great with anything girly too.

Favourite splurge

Guess dress and thrifted boots

The super sexy black dress from Guess. It was on sale, so I’m sad to say I doubt there will be any others left. However this style is the perfect mix of edgy and classy. I always feel a million bucks in this dress especially paired with those shoes.

The boots are basically my essential shoes. I wear them almost every day and everywhere – which is really awkward when my chains clunk around in the uni library (sorry!). Even though they were thrifted I did spend about $70 or so on them, so not a bargain – but I know they are worth every cent!

Disappointed Toes

The other pairs of shoes I’m wearing are so pretty! I fell in love when I got them but – okay let’s start with the pair from Betts. They are killer shoes – both in looks and comfort. However, I physically cannot walk in them but it’s all right because I only wear them where there is minimal walking and standing. And the pair from lipstick shoes – they are really cool, but for $50 I’m a little disappointed in the quality. I got them on my Melbourne trip a few months ago and they are already starting to wear down. Oh well at least they look nice?

Favourite pair

Mixing my tartan bralet with the almost see through strappy cami from cotton on is one of my favourite ways to wear them. I find that it is a perfect way to make two pretty revealing pieces to come together and create something so beautiful and casual.

And the rest.

The cardigan from JayJays has been through hell and back – I’ve had it so long, worn it everywhere and it has still held up. Therefore well worth however much it was. The shorts from danger field were around $40, so an absolute bargain in my eyes for that shop. And they fitted great in the beginning but now I get a little too much of a rise in the front – trying not to be crude – so even though they are high waisted with a killer belt detail, I’m not comfortable wearing them the way they should be worn.

My favourite outfit overall.

Rocker Chic. 100 %. I tend to wear this outfit a lot. Like too much. But I can’t help it, it’s so comfortable and beautiful. Well worth the money.

What was your favourite?

Sama x

Another Insect? Great.


If you know me in person and you know me well. You know I hate insects but I love animals. Not very fair is it?

While I’m disgusted by insects I find this new critter to be very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

In Krubera Cave, Georgia, a team of Spanish and Portuguese scientists found the beetle dwelling in the worlds deepest cave.

Vicente M. Ortuño, from the University of Alcalá, wrote about the discovery in the journal of Zootaxa.

Of the beetle Ortuño said “The new species of cave beetle is called Duvalius abyssimus” and “We only have two specimens, a male and a female. Although they were captured in the world’s deepest cave, they were not found at the deepest point.”

Doesn’t that sound like there may be more creatures lurking down at the depths of Krubera Cave?

Follow where I got my information to keep up to date for other iconic discoveries at: Entomology Today and Science World Report.

Til next time,

Sama x

Are You Spornosexual?

Picture a pokemon like evolution of a metro sexual into a stronger, sportier non fashion or knowledge driven individual and you have the new class of men; Spornosexuals.

Yes, the name coined by Mark Simpson, sounds like a STI found in the back seat of a beat up Ute but no; it’s a name to categorise a man.

Some sportsmen who have been attributed this new neologism are Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and (my own opinion) Dan from Geordie Shore and Ex on the beach.

Do you know of any spornosexuals in your life? Or can you think of any other famous spornos?

Til next time,

Sama x

Feminism | #Yestoallwomen |Elliot Rodger |

Hey everyone,

So this week, feminism and misogyny have been talked about a lot.

I can’t remember the last time this topic was talked about so much.

While I’m happy that important issues like misogyny and feminism are getting some limelight – I’m also a little confused. Does it have to take someone like Elliot Rodger to really bring this sort of stuff up in the media?

It seems some people think feminism is about hating all men – and some women are making reasons for others to believe that. It saddens me, because feminism was such a powerful movement to create equal opportunities and we have come such a long way from the sister suffragette days. However there are obviously people who still think women and men aren’t equal and never will be. Which is something I want to see change.

I stumbled across some ad campaigns for Free The Nipple and UN Women where you type in “women should” in Google search bar and you get the following:

women should


This made my heart sink. I felt like crying and thought of all that women fought for and thought about my mother, sisters, cousins and every woman in my family and the world. It really diminished all that women have worked so hard for.

With a heavy heart I decided to compare this to “men should”.

men should

Sooo nothing apparently – which is awesome. Men apparently have nothing they should or shouldn’t do according to average searches on Google. We all know this isn’t true though; there are stereotypes around men. For example; men shouldn’t cry, men should open the door for women and so on and so forth. However it seems that this isn’t as of high importance to stereotypes surrounding women.

I thought why stop there? I decided to search more and compare more. I got these searches:

women are


men are


It’s apparent there are more negative things surrounding women still. It’s also fascinating that both sexes are focussed on being better than the other.

women can


men can


So both searches for women result in negative auto-fills whereas the men search has wonderfully  positive outcome. The auto-fill for ‘men can stop rape’made me smile I must admit.

And the final searches




These searches had very similar outcomes. They are both to do with work.

Basically what I take from these searches is that things are progressing whilst at the same time diminishing and that people are still so focussed on competition between genders.

Everything is confusing basically.

In a world developing to allow people to be proud of who they are no matter what (e.g. trans gender, gay, asexual etc. ) I’m surprised people are still so focussed on pinning women and men against each other.

Yes I think it is healthy for a little comparison (as you can see from my little research) but in order for people to truly develop we need to focus more on becoming a world that doesn’t discriminate based on gender and a world that judges purely on skill and character.

However there is still a lot to be done to squash sexism (towards men as well as women) and like my very intelligent tutor said: we can only change things if it’s right in front of our faces. People won’t want to change anything they aren’t forced to see. That’s why it’s good to have media circulating around topics like sexism and misogyny. My only hope is that one day we will have developed enough that compassion and understanding is a part of every day life and ignorance is unheard of.

Oh to live in a perfect world.

What do you think? Is feminism about empowering women? Is there still a lot to do to stop misogyny? Leave a comment and of course, if you like what you see follow me on social media – it’ll help out a lot.

Sama x

Google Will Now Remove Europeans From Search Results Upon Request

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Originally posted on TIME:

Europeans can now request that their personal information be removed from Google online search results.

Earlier this month, a landmark European Union court ruling gave people the “right to be forgotten” and said that links to “irrelevant” and outdated data should be erased upon request.

Google pledged to balance “privacy rights of the individual with the public’s right to know and distribute information,” and launched a data deletion service form.

“When evaluating your request, we will look at whether the results include outdated information about you, as well as whether there’s a public interest in the information,” says the U.S. search giant.

Google also vowed to evaluate “financial scams, professional malpractice, criminal convictions, or public conduct of government officials” in making case-by-case decisions.

According to the BBC, more than half of the requests sent by British citizens involved convicted criminals attempting to hide reports of their past misdeeds.

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Godzilla: The Monster Hit at the movies

What? Another Godzilla movie? Yes it’s true.  This time round Godzilla comes back with a few extra kgs, a moral compass and the roar of a true lizard God.

Time and time again, we, the audience have lined up at the cinema eating our weight in popcorn thinking “this is it, it’s going to be the best Godzilla movie ever!”. Yes I was just talking about myself on Tuesday night.

Picture this. You walk past the ticket checker and wait outside the theatre and you find your senses being bombarded from Lynx and notice you’re not the shortest one there. Yep, it’s clear; the demographic for this movie is teenage males. 

The 2014 blockbuster remake is set in Tokyo, Japan and varying parts of America. We follow for the first few scenes our beloved breaking bad star Bryan Cranston (Joe Brody) who works in a nuclear plant in Tokyo. Obsessed with tectonic plate movements he is portrayed as the crazy American living in the calm world of Japan. However this swiftly changes and the movie pulls a good old Psycho trick on you where you think you know who the main character is but then the wool’s pulled over your eyes and you’re suddenly watching Brody’s son  face the dangers Godzilla’s presence thrusts into the world.

While I must say that this remake is far superior than its predecessor – I would say it could be better.

The plot was touching and gave logic behind the sudden presence of a 300 foot tall lizard emerging out of the water, but  it was very clichéd . So clichéd that I almost  got to the point where I wished Godzilla wasn’t a good guy and just  decided to fuck shit up.  Ah the good old days.

The best parts about this film was the visual aspects. It filled all of my check-lists for “attracting” (Will & Grace reference). We have the handsome soldier, beautiful mother, the dishevelled older man and a bunch other other good looking people thrown in there. Now, I shouldn’t come across so shallow – the acting in this film was brilliant. I was brought to tears, felt the exhaustion and fear plagued by the characters. However it didn’t stop me from blurting out jokes to my neighbour (ahem “mis bebes son muertos”) but all in all I give this move a big thumbs up! 

Summary: Entertaining but could be better.

The trials of uni and budgeting food

So this past week I’ve been staying at my boyfriend’s place (I feel too old to say boyfriend…dumb right?) ANYWAY we’ve been living off a pretty good budget this week.

So far we’ve been able to buy a kilo of chicken wings. Now that sounds like a lot of food. Like it sounds like I could turn into a chicken just looking at that much food. But we got through about six until we realised the next few days later that they had expired… yaay. But for $3 for a kilo of chicken wings, we weren’t complaining.

Hmm what else have we had? 

Well we went to my parents’ place and ate – so that was good. Free too. 

And other than that we’ve had sandwiches and spaghetti. 5 days of spaghetti. I don’t even regret a single thing. 

Living with Adrian so far has been pretty awesome but we’ve been so busy doing assignments that we haven’t really had a chance to relax together.

Although…we did get to go see Godzilla. Review will be up tomorrow. 

And if you don’t stalk be on twitter or instagram yet. Yes YET (go follow me!) then you probably don’t know how I really goofed today. 

I was talking to a class mate in the elevator on the way to a media tute. We were saying the usual stuff like “oh how you going on your assignment?” yaddy yaddy ya. Then we she told me she just had her reflection left to do. I answered “WOW you’ve done heaps” and I swear I got the most “are you a bit mentally challenged?” look I’ve ever gotten in my life. I just brushed it off, cause you know – maybe it’s just how her face works. 

AAAH then I talked to another friend who uh pointed out to me that yep the assignment was due tonight. Not next Friday. But this Friday. 

So that’s where my brain is at at the moment. 

Maybe I should just fucking write whatever happened that day to entertain you with my complete stupidity. 

BUT HIGH FIVE ME RIGHT NOW! Cause I totally finished my assignment with 40  minutes to spare. 

I know I’m so awesome. 

My eyes feel as heavy as my tits right now soooo

Til next time,

Sama x

Every Day Make up Look

Hey everyone, I uploaded a video to YouTube because it’s easier than trying to figure out how to upload on on WordPress – first world problems.

Please take a look as it’s something new from me and I want to know if people will enjoy it. Feel free to comment on what you’d like to see next or anything – just comment anything haha.

Sama x

Hi everyone!

First of all I want to apologise for not posting in a while. I don’t really have many excuses; just one. Uni. I know pretty lame excuse but I’m being honest. Every part of uni has been my focus and also melted my brain a little (like the oven melted my hand). Check my instagram to see that. But I’m going to work a lot harder at balancing things out from now on.

And to start off I’m gonna have a little verbal spewage on something I’ve been trying to articulate and been thinking about blogging for the past couple of weeks; youtube.

At some point I went from watching YouTube only when I was linked it, to watching it before I sleep every night or right now in my four hour break – somehow I watch more YouTube than TV .

Whilst I don’t watch everything I do watch gaming videos, beautygurus, funny cat videos and vlogs.

With gaming videos I find Markiplier to be the funniest, maybe because he is both terrible and pro at gaming but maybe because he’s genuine. Genuine youtubers seem to be one in a million at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong I love every single beautyguru out there (that I know of) – I have nothing bad to say but everyone is kind of doing the same thing. For example, today there were at least 4 videos on how to get the perfect tan. Is it a coincidence?

Maybe. Is it  coincidence that gurus always compare a product as being a dupe for a Mac product? Is it a coincidence that candles are always lit and backgrounds are sparkly and white or that everyone seems to have sigma beauty  brush discounts?

Or is it that the big companies have caught on to how amazing Youtube is and decided hey? Why not sponsor this video? Cough Cough Dr Pepper and Michelle Phan. At least she’s not hiding that her videos are being sponsored.

I guess this would explain why there are YouTube conventions and YouTubers are quickly becoming celebrities with their own brands and even movies. Oh Fred. Oh. Fred.

I’m not saying any of this is a bad thing – I think these people deserve their success and I’m going to be filming a couple makeup looks soon anyways – so it’s not like I’m in a position to judge anyone. However I would like to see more transparency or even unique ideas that break away from the norm at the moment.

Finally – a youtube beauty guru who I love watching is SprinkleofGlitter and she recently made this video describing what it’s like being a youtube celebrity of sorts. I think everyone who is obessed with youtube like me should watch this, it will really put things into perspective.

So what do you think?

Is YouTube the next Hollywood or just a medium for people to upload home videos?

Leave a comment – I’d love to hear from you!

Sama x